"Thanks so much to Gigi Morello and the GM Drum School for the warm welcome that myself and Massimo Russo received during our Motions and Emotions Clinic tour. Traveling from city to city visiting different schools is such an incredible experience. When we visit a teaching facility such as GM Drum School in Turin, it is so impressive to see the level of enthusiasm and dedication that is invested in every aspect of their operation. It is warm and reassuring to discover a school like this, bursting with passion on all levels, and I thank Gigi for the inspiration that I gained from our visit". Rob Hirons (Director for France of Dom Famularo World School)

I had the chance to teach at GM drumschool during a day… a day that was enough for me to understand that Gm drumschool is one of the best schools in the world.

I've been traveling all over the world for years and I've never seen anything at this level.

The teaching rooms are large and equipped, an extremely serious school… congratulations to GIGI MORELLO and his staff.

I hope to have a chance to come back soon because the school is really "COOL"!
Ricardo Confessori (Angra)

I saw that Gigi and her collaborators have created a serious, well-organized and international school. Your students are very serious and ready to carry on their talent in Italy. The KoSA International campus that we did at your school was also a great success the "live video connection" with our colleagues in New York.

Still good professional work and success ….. to continue!! Happy birthday for all your work. Thank you for the opportunity to collaborate with you and your excellent GM Drum School!
Aldo Mazza Director of Kosa International

The Gm Drum School, thanks to the global vision of Gigi Morello and all employees, works very well and ranks like other schools worldwide such as efficiency, facilities and professional seriousness. The presence of students eager to know, but also of the entire teaching body, is undoubtedly a positive sign of change and desire for a necessary openness for those who want to learn and teach the universal language of music. GO GM!
Sergio Bellotti

"The GM drum school has firmly planted Turin (Turin) on world's drumming map! The facilities are great, the students enthusiastic and talented, and Mr. Morello is the perfect point man, being an accomplished drummer, educator and visionary entrepreneur!"
Marko Djordjevich

"Gigi's school was a great musical experience. If you want to learn drums in a creative, open minded environment, go there!!"
Mark Minnemann

"A large structure full of comfort, led by a true enthusiast and expert of the instrument. Gigi believes in giving room to experts of all kinds for a real deepening of the subjects. I foresee a very happy future for Gm Drum School and I am proud to be able to collaborate. Long live the percussion. The heart beats… that's the first and most vital percussion element!"
Sergio Bellotti

The preparation, the seriousness of the teachers, their passion, education and respect for the student make GM drumschool an excellent school equipped with what is probably the best battery teaching facility I have ever seen in Italy. The drummers of Turin are extremely lucky to be able to access such a school so easily! Wolf Mouth!"
Raphael Saini

I foresee a great future for GM Drums. The passion and seriousness of Gigi Morello permeates the entire structure and this is a fundamental thing, proof of this that at GM can be learned without intermediaries, thanks to the numerous seminars with top international artists, and differentiated teachers for each style.
Also at GM I received a warm welcome and I felt a very good atmosphere. All the Best!
Alessandro Minetto

It was an immense pleasure for me to meet the gm drumschool and its teachers! The structure is large and functional, perfect for battery teaching. I felt at home thanks to the professionalism of the teaching staff but above all I had a great time among great good people. Next time, I'll wait for you in Brazil you'll always be welcome at the beateras beat!
Dino Verdade

"The visit to the GM Drum School was so impressive. The school looked great from the moment I walked through the door. I got the vibe of when I first walked into PIT (Musician's Institute) in California in 1986. A real school!!! After meeting some of the students and seeing the rooms, I was correct, this place is a real learning institute. The rooms were very high tech with mirrors for technique training, video capability and Skype teaching, real pro drum kits, clinic room, lounge. It was comfortable and the perfect place for students to learn and have space to chill out after training. Meeting Gigi was amazing! Before my drum clinic we went into his teaching room and Gigi popped on the drum sequence and jammed some jungle drumming to it. This guy is a monster!!! He is honestly one of the BEST drummers I have ever seen in Italy. He has awesome technique, ideas and technique, a real master of his art form. Gigi is doing things the "right way" for students by bringing in international artists to do clinics and offer the students this extra way to learn and grow. I had an amazing time at GM and the teachers and students were all friendly and serious about their drumming and learning. I recommend the GM School to any beginner to pro student. They have a staff that can teach ANYBODY! And if you think your bad ass on the drum kit…….. Gigi can teach you, guaranteed."
John Macaluso, D.F.

"The perfect environment to learn how to play an instrument is one that expertly combines state-of-the-art equipment, trained teachers, comfortable environments and above all the right "vibrations". GM Drumschool is a great example of all this. Gigi and her staff have created a rare Italian example of structure that I would define as a multi-formative, able to offer not only an excellent teaching but also all the experience and passion typical of those who really love their instrument. I'm proud to have met you!"
Dario Ciccioni

"An important and impressive reality for the city of Turin and for Italy; a highlight for those who want to discover the complexity and charm of being a drummer. Gigi and her staff have erected a professionally flawless structure with the grace and amiability that distinguishes true enthusiasts."
Stefano "Brushman" Bagnoli

"GM Drum School comes from the right mix of the two fundamental elements for a great bacterial training: a multipurpose structure at the forefront and equipped for every need, as well as a staff of excellent teachers for different styles… and especially exceptional people! I thank Gigi for wanting me here and making me feel really welcome for my clinic, it was an amazing day and everyone really excited! Long live GM!!!"
Gianluca Palmieri



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