Also this year it's time for the Year-End essay for the Turin GM Drum School- GM Art School section.
As usual, the essay will not be the typical essay where novice musicians play with each other, hindering each other and learning little or nothing, but in perfect GM style the students will be accompanied by Professional Musicians, learning how to play properly in a professional situation hand in hand with Musicians who have troded Hundreds of Stages.
And for professional we have also chosen a location that sees every day of the year concerts of Prim'ordine, THE BEST of Turin, Excellent Audio, Excellent Lights… In short, it sounds serious!.
On guitar and bass two top professional musicians, Fufo Serra and Angy Zoggia, on stage also, among the teachers, Max Bindi, Gianluca Buosi, Massimo Cioffi, Sergio Moses, Valentina Procopio, Franco Stella, Marco Strega and many other guests.
It will present Gigi Morello, National President of GM Drum School.
We are all waiting for you at 19:30 on Wednesday 17 June 2015 at the Maglio, in Andreis Street 18/16 (inside the building called "The Courtyard of the Maglio", next to the Balon).
The restaurant will offer a very rich aperitif with Drink for 10 euros.
To avoid misunderstandings, it is best to clarify from the outset that you will find your way to find a better place to do so.


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