It is a festive period and as usual, with every Christmas, we meet with our students, their friends and relatives, our friends, our relatives… in short, all the people who love us, to celebrate Christmas and the end of the old and the beginning of the new year.
An opportunity to greet us and be together and make so much good music, in an atmosphere of peace and serenity.
The boys jam, so they go on stage without trying… with two exceptional professional musicians who historically accompany our two annual events: Angy Zoggia and Fufo Serra. Some others will perform solo or on a musical basis, or accompanied by other musicians… In short, it's all to see where the Jam will lead…
The venue we chose this year is the temple of live music in Turin, the Maglio, in Via Andreis 18 in Turin, a perfectly equipped venue with professional sound system and suggestive lights that give our budding musicians a taste of what it means playing on a real stage.
The show will begin on Tuesday, December 23rd at 6 pm to allow some of our many students to perform. Admission is free.
The venue will offer its well-known combination of Apericena and a Drink at a cost of 10 euros per individual. It will also be possible to consume a Jam menu prepared specifically for us by the boys of the Maglio at a cost of 15 euros.


As is now the case with EVERY EVENT, people are always standing or struggling to eat due to the failure to book in due course. Don'T EXPECT 2 DAYS BEFORE TROVERETE 10 PLACES ON TWO METRI OF THE PALCO AND VERTRETE SERVICE IN 10 MINUTES… IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. The space is the space of the city and the amount of space that is being served. IT IS THE best place to be able to do so.
Happy holidays and. See you On Tuesday, December 23 at 6 p.m!!!


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