An appointment with a great Italian drummer and didactomy, Mr Armando Bertozzi.
Thanks to his years of study dedicated to teaching with a capital D, Mr Bertozzi continues his knowledge in the Ethnic field with his new method, published by Carish, which will be widely illustrated in the two clinics that the teacher will hold in the GM Drum School locations of Turin (Saturday, May 10) and Frosinone (Saturday, May 31).
For info and reservations (it's best to book so you don't risk finding all the seats sold out)
This is how the master defines his latest work.

"Ethno Latin is my third method after Etno Afro (2011) and Etno Brazil (2012). The Etno Latin method was created as an operation to help clarify the concept of Latin rhythm that as a origin refers to folklore. The differences between country and country are enormous, and so are within the countries themselves. If we look at countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Colombia or Mexico, we will find in each of them very strong musical varieties, often linked to the territory, now coastal, now flat, now mountainous. I chose to do this method because I continue to marvel at how little American Latin rhythms are so little and known and above all far from our listening; so far away that I took the cells of the original Latin rhythms making them live in my own polyrhythmic rhythmic system, until I produced an original and personal method that encloses within the two methods ETNO AFRO and ETNO BRAZIL.

This is because my experience as a drummer has taught me that one cannot exclude the other, the rhythm has an origin and comes from Africa then spreads, it is savored according to the civilizations that benefit from it in their cultural folklore. This book is the container of rhythms and polyrhythmia; entering it you will discover a world that will surprise you how it surprised me while I realized it. I think a good drummer, as well as having talent, has to have the right knowledge and study to be such. And then a little bit of luck will never hurt. I hope that the rhythmic journey can excite you and enter it as it happened to me, that I still travel in the infinite of polyrhythmia"
Armando Bertozzi


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