Start a New Jazz Style Course held by Mr Cristiano Courage, DIRECTOR GM Drum School for the Lazio Region.
The great Lazio student will begin a series of periodic lessons at the turin headquarters to teach his repertoire "Classic but Modern": The language of traditional Jazz with a look at new techniques and current styles. His experience in the classical study of the instrument, from the basics taught at the Conservatory to the latest techniques "stolen" to the greats of Jazz or created of healthy plant from the Didatta, will be a treasure that will be dispensed without doing economics.
Needless to say, participation in the course will include a bonus that students will be able to credit in the "Style" section of their exam table.
Mr Coraggio will hold a free clinic on Saturday, May 25, 2013, at 3 pm, at the GM Drum School Headquarters in Turin, and will be available immediately after the clinic and the following day for the course that will be individual.
For the clinic and for the course it is recommended to book by sending an email to, places, especially for the course, are limited.


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