The word culture very often frightens. Erroneously, in the general collective imagination, it is always associated with: wise philosophers who busily discuss the meaning of life, scientists who argue over complicated or literary theories that argue over historical subtleties or Semantic.

The dictionary bears the following name: " Culture is the set of tradition and scientific, literary, and artistic knowledge of a people or of the whole of humanity. "

Throughout our lives as music fans, we have inevitably seen different performances by artists. What makes a musician magnetic and irresistible, as well as technical skill, genius, musicality, etc., is the power of ideas and irony that he transmits from the stage with language.

How do you be prepared and witty and always know what to say at the right time. Well! Mother nature, a few of us give it spontaneously, but if this blessing had not caught us, we can arrange it. What? Easy. You just have to be curious. Try not to fossilize on your own certainties. Try to live and observe things from different points of view. Abandon envy to others. What are the tools to be able to point to all this? The answer is almost a must. READ-FEEL-WATCHING. I wrote it in capital letters because these three words enclose the whole world that we will not be able to know completely, in the course of our entire lives. That's his greatness. We will always have something new to discover. Curiosity will take us into worlds unknown to us.

It all sounds very trivial but if you read any musical method, from electric guitar to xylophone, it will always be recommended to listen to the music of the great artists interpreting the instrument, to form your own character and musical sensitivity.

The suggestion is always metabolized with enough. Our ego makes us think we're listening enough. The habit almost always directs us towards a single musical genre, which becomes our incontrovertible creed.

This could create a certain intellectual immobility.

So listen to all the musical genres, compare them, try to understand the different styles of interpretation, read everything you find interesting, be curious and don't be afraid to ask, observe what surrounds you always looking for a point of different view. Be yourself and be free. All this will serve to integrate the study of technique and instrument, will make you train and become a complete person who can work and interact well with other men, whether they are musicians or not.

With studying for the things you're passionate about and the right approach to life, you can achieve something that many have even forgotten that esista…….la happiness.

Ezio Pelizzi

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